Corona UltraFast High Production Roller Sleeve 9"


Product Description

Corona’s new UltraFast™ is our fastest and most efficient sleeve yet. Mounted on a super strong, solvent resistant phenolic core, our uniquely formulated High Density (HD) Polyamide material has fine feathered tips that act like natural bristles to provide improved paint pick up and superior release.

UltraFast™ sleeves clean up easier than other synthetics and last longer than natural sheepskin rollers. In fact, they actually improve with use.

Available in four naps, the UltraFast™ handles the needs of today’s painters and today’s paints on semi-smooth to rough textured surfaces.

Size: 9"

Cat. No. R-580F
Frame: standard (1 1/2")
Nap: 3/8"

Cat. No. R-585F
Frame: standard (1 1/2")
Nap: 1/2"

Cat. No. R-590F
Frame: standard (1 1/2")
Nap: 3/4"

Cat. No. R-595F
Frame: standard (1 1/2")
Nap: 1"

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