Pure Chalk Paint


Product Description

t is a water-based paint that leaves a matte finish and has excellent adhesion and coverage. In a single coat it covers without the need for previous preparation on most surfaces. It is ideal for recycling or restoring furniture and decorative objects. It can be worn for a vintage effect or left as a final finish. To apply on wood, melamine, metal, ceramics, glass, etc. It is for indoor use.


Remove loose paint and rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. For best adhesion, lightly sand shiny or porous surfaces. Clean with soap and water, rinse and let dry. Mix the contents of the container well. Thinning is not necessary, but in hot, dry conditions, you can thin the paint up to a maximum of 50 milliliters of water per liter to extend the drying time. Avoid painting in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Use a synthetic bristle brush, roller application is not recommended. Use smooth, even strokes to ensure a smooth, even finish. One coat is enough, but you can apply up to two or three coats to achieve the desired look. To make the product washable, it is recommended to apply a transparent protective paint. To obtain a vintage effect (worn or stripped), sand the surface with fine or medium grit sandpaper. The more the part is sanded, the more the original surface will show. To generate this effect the surface must be completely dry. The cleaning of the brush and the other elements used for the application is done with soap and water.



Touch-dry time is half an hour and dries completely in 2-4 hours, depending on weather conditions.



1L yields 12 to 14 m2 per coat, depending on the surface









It should not be diluted, but if it is necessary to dilute, use water.

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