Richard's 3600 Swimming Pool Paint Waterborne Acrylic Gallon Size


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Product Description

3600 Pool Guard Waterborne Swimming Pool Paint


This waterborne acrylic swimming pool paint provides excellent service and protection for in-ground masonry pools.  For use on bare concrete, Marcite, gunite, plaster or other masonry surfaces in good condition.

Provides a rich and colorful satin finish for interior and exterior, new and old pools.

It is self-priming over most properly prepared surfaces and is suitable for fresh and salt water pools, ponds or fountains.

Use 3650 Tie Coat Primer if painting over existing epoxy or chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint.

It is resistant to chlorine and common pool chemicals.  Also resists algae, fungus, alkali and seasonal weather changes.

For interior and exterior use.

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Application Brochure and Color Chart

IMPORTANT: Follow all instructions as detailed in our Product Data Sheet and Application Brochure.

3600 Pearl White… PDS | SDS

3605 Blue Lagoon… SDS

3610 Emerald Sea… SDS

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