Sunny Side

Sunnyside Vm & P Naphtha Qt 800-32


Product Description

Sunnyside VM&P Naphtha is a fast evaporating, flammable solvent. It effectively thins most oil based paints, stains and varnishes. Its low odor and high solvent power make it ideal for cleaning brushes, rollers and equipment immediately after use.
  • Follow the paint product manufacturer+AJI-s instructions for the proper amount of paint thinner required; do not use more than recommended. Add gradually and stir thoroughly until desired consistency is obtained.
  • Do not use as a thinner for latex paint or other water based coatings, lacquer or shellac. For fresh oil-based coatings, agitate brush or roller in VM&P Naphtha until all visible residue is dissolved. Then rinse using fresh VM&P Naphtha.

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