Super Coat Elastomeric


Product Description

It is a waterproofing formulated based on a unique and exclusive polyurethane resin, a last generation monocomponent with water base, free of solvents. When it dries, it forms a highly elastic membrane, with maximum resistance to atmospheric agents. It has an exclusive adhesion promoter, giving it maximum adhesion on different substrates (asphalt, aluminum, wood, unglazed tiles, mortar, etc.). It is ideal for any type of roofing and particularly in those in which the product must resist temperatures of up to 15º C below zero without breaking and without losing elasticity. This is achieved thanks to its maximum elongation at extreme temperatures ranging from -15º C to 60º C. It has high chemical resistance and great resistance to abrasion. The product is fully passable.


Before applying the product, make sure that the surface to be waterproofed is clean, dry, free of dirt, grease, fungi, dust and loose parts of pre-existing materials. On porous tile terraces, it is recommended to wash the surface with muriatic acid diluted in three parts of water, rinse and leave to dry. In new slabs it is recommended to let it cure for at least 60 days. Then we suggest washing the surface with muriatic acid diluted in three parts of water, rinse and let dry. If there are cracks, fissures and/or deteriorated joints, treat them with Venier Acrylic Putty.
Only after this process is it recommended to waterproof the surface.


From 8 to 12 hours between coats depending on weather conditions.


From 1K to 1.5K per m² finished work.


Brush, roller, torch.


Water. It is recommended to give a first coat by diluting the product with 30% water.

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